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Secret Behind Color Combinations !

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Color has always been an emotional cue. In this world so colorful, the right choice of color can make you stand out. Color follows Design.

In my previous blog, I've explained about how colors are formed and the basics of Color Wheel. Each color denotes mood and behavior. If you're new this subject, I'd suggest you to check out that blog first to understand better. Click here to read about the Basics of Colors in Design.

Moving on, when it comes to Color Combinations, all of us make choices on combinations in our everyday life, be it while shopping, decorating a room, painting, buying stuff and what not.

What makes us choose a particular color could be either favoritism of a color or purely the contrast.

Here's how the Best Color Contrasts are generated.

Opposites Attract !

The Colors that are Opposite to each other generate the Highest Contrast and hence are paired the best. The Duo compliments each other and hence are also known as Complimentary Colors.

color wheel showing opposite combinations

Edgy Monochromes

Monochrome combinations generate a edgy color contrast and makes a classy statement. Two colors from the same color family, one light and the other dark looks really attractive.

Megenta Dark and light color combination

Deep Blue Dark and light color combination

Teal Dark and light color combination

Brown Dark and light color combination

Triangular Trivia

Very Similar to the Complimentary colors, the colors that form a triangle in the standard color wheel (as shown below) also generate a good contrast and these colors are also popularly used and accepted.

These are called as Split Complimentary colors.

color wheel showing triangle color combination

A Pro Secret !

Now here's a Bonus Tip, If after all these effort you're not able to find the best set of contrasting colors, head to this website (Click here to navigate) and this will make your job super easy. You just choose the color you like and it will generate the best contrast for the chosen color. Nonetheless, It also rates any submitted contrast on the scale of 1-5 stars (1 being poor and 5 being the best) . And the best part is, it has more than 1,00,000 assorted color palettes for you to choose from.

color palette

color contrast check

Voila, So Now you are on your own on choosing the best color combinations!

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