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Guerilla Marketing -The Most Trending Strategy, you must know!

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Been a Marketing Maniac ?

Fascinated by out-of-the-box marketing gigs ?

Haven't heard of Guerilla Marketing?

Then this 2 minute read is for you!

Guerilla Marketing is a marketing strategy where a company uses surprising and/or

non-traditional methods to grab attention.

These tactics are unusual and grabs immediate attention of the public, creating a buzz in the market.

The concerned Brand gets immense popularity and impression, real quick.

Here are a few examples of Guerilla marketing which we're sure will blow your mind:

Save the Trees Campaign

Guerilla Marketing Examples. Viral Marketing, a leapord resting on top of a lamp post, save the trees campaign

Go Vegan Campaign by PETA

Guerilla Marketing Examples. Viral Marketing, Peta campaign to go vegan, Bus back graphics

Ad for Nose Trimmers

Guerilla Marketing Examples. Viral Marketing, Nose hair trimmer ad, roots coming out from nose poster

Sidewalk Board for Yoga Classes

Guerilla Marketing Example, sidewalk board for yoga, innovative, brilliant idea

Bus Branding for a Zoo

Guerilla Marketing ad, Bus branding for a zoo, kobra crushing entire bus

Ad for Flea Spray

Ad for flee spray on mall floor, a dog itching with people moving round as flee

Car Wash Branding Promotion

innovative sticker on windshield promoting car wash. Bird poop on outer sticker with message on inner

Had fun learning about Guerilla Marketing?

Comment below and tell us which one was your favourite?

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