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6 Reasons why you need a logo.

Updated: Feb 26

Framing the look of your company is as important as Naming it. We often forget that picture paints more than a thousand words and hence overlook the idea of investing in a good logo.

This 3 minute read will explain you why exactly do you need a logo and how will it reap you income.

  1. Time is everything

We're in 2020 and no one has the time and patience to deep dive into the subject that's not their forte. So having a logo explains to your audience what your company does and why is it in the market, without you having to give a speech on it. The Best logos give a summary of your brand just in a view.

2. Recognition is Luxury

Today, where there lakhs of new companies being formed each day, the chances of someone recognizing yours can be a task. But when you have an attractive logo, it gets stored in the viewer's subconscious mind and helps them recognize it when in re-appears. And there's a higher chance that they convert to you over your competitor.

3. Impulsive Buying is a real thing !

According to the Consumer Behavior Study, 53 % of the consumers get into impulsive buying in a year. Which reminds me of the fact that Logo and Branding play a vital role in inviting attention that gradually leads to Impulsive Purchase.

4. Professionalism builds trust

When you have a professionally designed logo for your company, it marks the status of your brand high and builds trust among the minds of the customer with respect to the Quality of your product/Service.

5. Justifies your Price.

A properly branded package with a logo, tagline, details of the company etc justifies the price of the product you charge than rather placing it in a package with No logo or identification of the company at all.

6. Fit in the Frame.

Brand Logos can help your company fit beautifully in whatever space available making your company's presence felt. It could be fitting within a Envelope, Brochures, or a invitation card, or on a keychain, it can do it all without actually compromising on the strength of the appeal.

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