10 Reasons why you need a logo.

Framing the look of your company is as important as Naming it. We often forget that picture paints more than a thousand words and hence overlook the idea of investing in a good logo. This 3 minute read will explain you why exactly do you need a logo and how will it reap you income. Time is everything We're in 2020 and no one has the time and patience to deep dive into the subject that's not their forte. So having a logo explains to your audience what your company does and why is it in the market, without you having to give a speech on it. The Best logos give a summary of your brand just in a view. 2. Recognition is Luxury Today, where there lakhs of new companies being formed each day, the

Secret Behind Color Combinations !

Color has always been an emotional cue. In this world so colorful, the right choice of color can make you stand out. Color follows Design. In my previous blog, I've explained about how colors are formed and the basics of Color Wheel. Each color denotes mood and behavior. If you're new this subject, I'd suggest you to check out that blog first to understand better. Click here to read about the Basics of Colors in Design. Moving on, when it comes to Color Combinations, all of us make choices on combinations in our everyday life, be it while shopping, decorating a room, painting, buying stuff and what not. What makes us choose a particular color could be either favoritism of a color or purely t

5 Genius Photography hacks you need to try NOW !

Photography is such an art and if done right, can lead you to places. Quiet often, we struggle getting the right photos because we either don't have the studio set up or enough photography knowledge. Here are a few secrets that can change your photography game altogether without spending a bomb. Oh, Did I forget to mention? These are completely beginner friendly and anybody out there can rock these tricks. Hack No. 1 : Sweep Trick for a Clean Background. To begin with, I'll tell you what a sweep is. When you try shooting on the floor, do you see a horizon like where the wall touches the floor? That makes the background of the image look unprofessional as it creates an unnecessary shadow in t

Minimal Advertisements at its BEST !

Minimalism is the latest gimmick and here are a few famous brands that give minimalism a whole new definition. Let's look at a few of them: 1) McDonald's Back in 2017, McD came up with a brilliant Idea of using just wrappers to create its minimal yet eye catchy ad campaign in lieu of its tagline 'I'm Lovin' it'. These series of pictures show the irresistible McD food which disappeared in a jiffy while they were bought to shoot because it was actually Soooooogooood - targeting competitor (KFC's) Tagline. What a hit ! No Words, No Fancy! The Customer's reacted to this with - "We're Lovin' it, literally! Was it Planned or happened accidentally? We might just never know. Either way 100 Points t

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